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BOHOL EXPERIENCE . . . In Honor of Maj. Rustico Luga


The Bohol Experience, were people are empowered to govern,
was an illusive dream that our forefathers and their descendants
continued to fight for . . . for generations.

"We the veterans, are already old, but before we die, there is only one wish that I am asking from God. Even though we have no money to leave behind because we are poor, we do wish that before we go to our final resting ground, we can see that you who are left behind can enjoy the fruits of the freedom we have been hoping for."


[Maj. Rustico Luga with children on his 94th Birthday]

Maj. Rustico Luga is the son of Gregorio Luga, the cousin of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, who together with Manalo organized the Katipunan in Cebu and Bohol when Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga was sent to Cebu by the First Philippine Republic as the military adviser of the Philippine Government in Cebu and Visayas, per se. Gregorio helped organized the Katipuneros and the Philippine Military in Bohol. He and his family settled in Hininobanga after the Fil-am War. He regularly visits Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga in Sagay, Negros Oriental after the war and even after Mateo left the Philippine Scout because he cannot accept the U.S. foreign policies being imposed in the Philippines by the United States. Gregorio, later settled at Hinobanga, Bohol, then left for Davao. While Mateo joined the Register of Deeds for the titling of lands in Negros under the Torrens System, he did not enriched himself despite the position he held. Mateo settled in Sagay , Negros Oriental, he has three children with Ruperta Valdez Luga, Maria, Jose and Emilio, Senior. On the other hand, Gregorio settled for a while in Bohol, it is where most of his lineage can be traced in Hinobanga, Bohol. Some are from Tanjay and San Carlos, Negros Oriental, where he usually stay and regularly passes by, whenever he visits Mateo. He has five children in Bohol many of whom, however, migrated to Davao, Jimmy Luga are some of Greogorio's grandchildren. Gregorio has five children in Bohol, the youngest was Rustico Luga, who joined the Philippine Army and when our country was invaded by the Japanese Imperial Forces, Rustico joined the guerilla movement after US fled the Philippines. He helped organized the Marking's Fil-American Forces as G-3, the one in charge of operations. Their mission is to identify placements of Japanese Forces and its assets and to conduct sabotage operations to pave a way for the Liberation of the Philippines. The Markings, Fil-Am Forces was so succesful that when the US Forces landed in the Philippines, the Japanese Imperial Forces were already neutralized in Bicol Region and the Southern part of Luzon.

It is but fitting to honor MAJ. RUSTICO LUGA for the heroism he displayed for the Freedom of our country from the Japanese Imperial Forces. Recently, Maj. Rustico Luga, celebrated his 94th Anniversary with his love ones and relatives. It is but fitting to honor one of the forgotten Hero of World War II, who played an important role, together with Fil-Am Forces, to Liberate Bicol, the entire Region V and Southern Luzon per se from the Japanese Imperial Forces - for his deeds to live in the hearts and minds of our future generation . . . [The offsprings of the "Ybanag Tribal Warriors", from Isabela, Negros, Bohol, Davao and the United Sates of America honoring Maj. Rustico Luga, the "Markings Fil-Am Forces, USAFFE, WW II. NOTE: The person in yellow at farthest right [Roland, a doctor, came with his father and wife. We haven't had a chance to take the pictures of their family because their arrival was delayed because of traffic. They came in all the way from Pangasinan, pardon us . . . ]. The 3rd person from far right of Ronald , beside Engr. Tony Luga, are the Luga Clan from Pangasinan, the father of Ronald is the offspring of Manolo Luga who was with Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga and Gregorio Luga, during the Spanish American and Fil-American War. It was Manolo who made it back to Luzon after the Fil-Am War. Manolo settled in Pangasinan, where most of his descendants can be traced, others are now in Cagayan Valley and Ilocos Region.) [Maj. Rustico Luga with daughter, Carol Luga Tsaousis and son, Spiro and Pastor Mar.]
[After the Grand Reunion of the Luga Clan during the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, Engr. Tony Luga, the offspring of Vicente Luga, brother of Mateo Noriel Luga, representing the Cagayan, Ilocos Region and Luzon; Roy, the 4th generation direct descendant of Mateo Noriel representing the Mateo Noriel Luga side with Maj. Rustico Luga; and Jimmy Luga, representing the offspring of Gregorio's descendants in Mindanao, once again met. The person at far right in the son of Engr. Tony Luga]

Saturday, August 7, 2010

P-Noy's MC No. 1

Whoever recommended to His Excellency, President Benigno Aquino III, to sign Memorandum Circular No. 1 may have been in a hurry by the fact that the said MC has been amended thrice. For whatever reason? Is a question best left for the decision makers to ponder.

It can be recalled that the first major blunder committed by then President Estrada was when he issued Executive Order No. 1. After signing E.O. 1 (which makes the term of office of all those coterminous with FVR's administration to end on June 30 1998 - without regard to the hold-overs and despite unwritten agreement for the hold-overs left behind - to properly turn over the projects and people down the line), there were persons immediately coming in with papers claiming that they are authorized by Malacanang to take over the positions of so and so, even before Pres. Estrada took his oath of office. It, however, appears that even before the said E.O. was signed - it seems that there were already those with appointments already prepared or have already been signed by then President Estrada (in some cases, there were double appointments). The people within the circle of President Estrada's camp might have already cooked something without President Estrada's knowledge. Whether then President Estrada was aware of it or not, however, is another issue.

What matters is that - then President Estrada was placed in such a dangerous situation. It also appears that the people who were appointed by then President Estrada thereafter, maybe qualified, but without extensive government experience or have not been exposed into the ins and outs in government service. After a year, war broke out in Mindanao, allegations of corruption started to erupt, different factions from within the Presidency silently moves into different direction from within the circle of the Presidency, all powerful. Political unrest then erupted. In less than two years - President Estrada was ousted in Office.

What was the intention of those who did it? What is the motive behind? Was it an attempt to perpetuate power, to destabilize the government or the group where the said order emanates has the propensity to build a turf to control the bureaucracy? This should have been looked into carefully by then President Estrada. As someone or many has said, the Presidency and/or Malacanang is a very lonely place to live.

What is dangerous in this precedent is not the legal or technical implication. The dangers behind is failure in intelligence. In case if government function is disrupted or penetrated by individuals whose interest is tainted with biases or prejudice or greed for power, to the extent that the natural flow of communications down to the tinniest details from the field is corrupted by partiality or that the upper layers of communication receivers put in place - are beholden to the one who recommended the appointee and dictates upon the source to report only informations pleasing to the ears of the receiver up to the highest level - then there exists failure in intelligence, which might blossom into factionalism, turf building, favoritism and soon . . . chaos, as what has happened during President Estrada's incumbency.

It was providential that His Excellency, President Benigno Aquino III, heeds to reason. It is providential too the He has inner circle of experienced and seasoned senior officials with varied government experience, whose credibility spanned to more than six Presidents, even prior to His mother's incumbency and whose loyalty to the flag and the Republic endured generations. By the fact that MC No. 1 was revised and now extended - it seems that the situation is being taken care of - at least, the damage done is being controlled.

Friday, August 6, 2010

BOHOL EXPERIENCE & CSC's Road Map for Good Governance . . .

(The men and women of the Office for Legal Affairs, Civil Service Commission)

It was more than two years ago that we advocated for the intercession of the Divine for our country to unite towards a common goal in the POWER OF YOUR LOVE, where we prayed for a day to come for our country to unite towards a common vision for a peaceful, well balanced and environmentally sound development of our nation and its people brought about the decaying moral fiber in our society and lack of sense of patriotism. In our post, WHAT AN IRONY, we expressed how we suffered so much because of the catastrophe brought about by Typhoon Ondoy and Peping because of poor strategic planning and how we should move as one to help those who are in need in "The Sprit of Volunterism". Prior to that, we advocated on how a simple person, a driver at that, could make a difference in the lives of our fellowmen within and without the government. We also advocated for IT intervention of CS Examination to facilitate effective, efficient and speedy administration of CS Examination. In support of the Gender Advocacy movement: we advocated for Anti-Smoking Campaign where talked about how smoking affects our economic growth and as early as May 2009 has been advocating for transparency in government transaction through IT intervention. In support of the advocacy against violence on women, we advocated to be vigilant on crimes against human trafficiking. We are thankful that our advocacy are being heard by policy makers.

Lately, days after our post on human trafficiking, the newly installed US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr., brought forth to our attention the problem on human trafficking in a column of Rina Jimenez-David at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Experts, however, agrees that the key area that could solve the problem in our society is "POVERTY", which we are now advocating through "GOOD GOVERNANCE". We hope that the good US Ambassador recommends to their government to re-channel the P 11.4 billion non-humanitarian and non-trade assistance to address poverty issues thru good governance and allocates some to address issues concerning prosecution of offenses involving human trafficking and empowerment of witnesses, including corrupt prosecutors and magistrates - rather than warning us to lose the same merely because our country is at "Tier 2 Watch List" in the current edition of the US Department's "Trafficking in Person's Report" (as if interfering with our sovereignty) - with utmost due respect to the good Ambassador.

It was through the leadership of the person leading these individuals that motivates these group of men and women (of different background and experience) to move from within and without the bureaucratic system to support the government's drive for good governance and to extend whatever help they can muster, without fear or favor, from within and without the system (legally), whether they be recognized or not.

After zeroing in their backlogs . . . what else could others ask for? The measurement of an Office's performance should be compared to other offices doing similar functions outside its own bureaucratic framework within the entire bureaucracy and should not be based only or the observation and assumption by one or two offices, which does not exercises the same nature of work. It is by comparing the output and outcome of the system adopted with other offices in other agencies doing similar functions in the entire bureaucracy that we can conclude with certainty the improvement of the systems being adopted. There must be stability in the system, which improvement should not become the very reason saturate the level of capacity of its workers. Isn't it more appealing to the morale of our people? Which the hierarchy adequately addressed for others to be influenced.

Let us say, human resource development in the aspect of selection, maintenance , personnel development, benefits and privileges within an office as compared with other agencies. Isn't it more appealing?

Nevertheless, if not for the leader who stood behind these people - these individuals could have not been empowered and further developed their skills aside from their ordinary work to move as one either from within or without the bureaucratic framework with the end of in view of attaining a common goal.

Next . . . the CSC's ROADMAP.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bohol Experience with Mr. Johnny Torralba . . .

[After a day's work going over all over the Province of Bohol, a tiring day, after which a dinner with Manong Johnny Torralba and Romeo Terruel of the Province of Bohol's Special Projects Unit. This humble person and their organization helped so many Boholanos silently.]

It was providential that in documenting the Tagbilaran Church on our way to visit 7 beautifully architectured Churches in Bohol dating back to the 17th century while going over to our destination to conduct area assessment and evaluation of the Province, we met Mr. Johnny Torralba along the way, who is about to leave. Mr. Johnny Torralba was the former President of the Association of Boholanos in Illinois, Chicago, United States of America (for 11 years) and the former Chief Executive Officer of Confederation of the Boholanos in the USA and Canada (CONBUSAC), which have been helping Bohol's development through the years. It's a rare opportunity to have a dinner with this man, who has been to different countries all over the world implementing developmental projects in third world countries while with the United Nations Development Program.

To Manong Johnny, thank you very much! Herewith is the message of Manong Johnny to all the Boholanos all over the world, to Manong Johnny and all the Boholanos:

The Bohol Experience with Gen. Alan R. Luga

(A briefing with BGen. Alan R. Luga, the Commanding General of the 802nd Brigade, 8th Infantry Division based in Carmen, Bohol, with the Special Project Team of the Bohol Provincial Office, Mr. Romeo Terruel, on the peace and order situation in Bohol)

Bohol is a such a peaceful and progressive province. It was declared as an insurgent free province. Its tourism industry is booming with more than 500,000 yearly arrivals. It has a rice sufficiency level of 110% even during the height of the Il NiƱo Phenomenon and the rice crisis. All sectors in the province participates in all aspect of its development. In fact, many government officials from third world countries visits Bohol to study how did the province made it - from the 20 poorest province in the country to a progressive, peaceful and a prime tourist destination province with a well balanced and sustainable development. How did Bohol made it shall be a subject of our special presentation . . .

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Bea, the daughter of Gen. Alan Rio Luga is seeking our help by jut double clicking a picture.

Here's what she told us in Facebook:

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ASP Diliman Chapter July 22, 2010 Parenting Seminar-Workshop

Do you feel the need to be empowered and inspired? To be better in dealing with your own role as parent to your special child?

Inspirational speakers Francis Kong and Malu-Tiongson Ortiz

You may want to acquire much information about autism – wanting to know the latest therapy or what kind of intervention best suits your child. You search for “what else is out there”, you’d want to give them the best.

For us parents of children with autism, many go back to college, to be equipped with knowledge and skills to overcome the mysteries of their condition and help our own children. Many of us work intensely or work overtime to earn and provide for them.

But in the process, we almost forget ourselves. How can we be better equipped for the future of our children if we miss out answering our own needs as “special” parents?

Sign up now and learn from the experts:

Francis Kong, business man and inspirational guru to major business conventions and conferences both here and abroad; radio personality of “Business Matters,” Columnist of Philippine Star Business Page, regular guest at Umagang Kay Ganda, author of 10 books, married and a father to 3 grown children.

Malu Tiongson-Ortiz, Author of Embracing God’s Purpose for My Special Child. Learn from her personal experience, raising her special child, Clarissa. Malou offers encouragement, practical tips and solid facts for parents and families of children with special needs. “No special child is an accident. Each young life is entrusted to parents by a loving God who has special purposes for each one.”

This July 22, please take time out and give this day to yourself. Learn how to be a better parent for your special child. Be empowered. Be inspired. Be better.

Sign up now!
What: ASP Diliman Chapter Parenting Seminar –Workshop
When: July 22, 2010 Thursday 8am to 5pm
Where: National Power Corporation Fiesta Hall
How much: Fee is P500 for ASP Member and P1000 for non-member
inclusive of two snacks and lunch.

For registration and inquiries, contact Aileen (453-3618 or or Baby (374-2342 or or you can txt Jo at cp no. 0922 8472776


ASP Chapters continue to work hard Sharing Hopes and Building Dreams for the future of families dealing with autism. Be an Angel. Donate now and help ASP Chapters fund their programs and activities. Email us at Contact us at tell nos. 926 6941/ 929 8447.

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The Family of Pilar Luga-Surriga



[Pilar Luga-Surriga, second from left second row with children and grandchildren. From left first row: Juanito L. Surriga; Luz Luga-Surriga Barcoma; Nemesio Barcoma; Elmer Surriga; Eugenio Luga Surriga; Cynthia Archilbald; Pilar Luga Surriga; Neda Surriga; Jean Surriga Piansay; Florence May Barcoma Hontoveros; Teresita Marie Barcoma Casidsid; Edit Surriga; Esther Surriga; Leonard Barcoma; Architect Nelu Barcoma; Epifania Barcoma Lejano (+); Pinky Stella Maris Hechanova]

Recently, Tita Luz Barcoma celebrated her 85th Birthday last May 29, 2010. Here they are today:


[Nathaniel Surriga Barcoma; Tess Barcoma Casidsid; Pinky Barcoma Hechanova; Nelu Surriga Barcoma; with Tita Luz Surriga Barcoma on her 85th Birthday]
[Leonard "Pikok" S. Barcoma with with Marlou and children][Tess Barcoma Casidsid; Milagros Villarosa Barcoma (wife of Nathaniel) Pinky Barcoma Hechanova; with Tita Luz Barcoma]
[The grandchildren: Rafael Barcoma; Brian Barcoma; Nimitz Casidsid; Harvey Ealr Roy Hechanova; Francis John Barcoma; Herol Shef Casidsid with Tita Luz Barcoma]

Not present were Manang Cynthia Archibald and her family and Florence May "Manang Bing" Hontoveros, who are now living in United States of America.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Honor of Col. Mateo Luga

(Col. Mateo Luga with wife Lita Albano and children
Mala Jean, Michael and wife, with grand children)

Col. Mateo Luga was, with Fr. Angel B. Luga, Eng. Tony Luga and Maria Luga-Ramiro, among our major sponsors during the 75th Death Anniversary Celebration of the Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, which we entitled the "The Return of the Tribal Warriors of Cagayan Valley". It was Col. Mateo Luga, who in early childhood, with his brother Col. Isagani Luga+ (PMA Batch 54') and cousin, Gen. Emilio S. Luga, Jr., who were told stories of war, honor, family and country by their Great Grandfather Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga. It was the old man who inspired them to become among the finest officers and gentlemen of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It was the ideals of their Great Grandfather that motivated them to served the higher interest, go out of their way and take the risk to interfere in a higly volatile event, a closely guarded epoch that changes the course of history of this nation during the The 1989 Coup d'Etat', and even prior thereto, which the public has not been fully aware. The security cordon of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, that provided communications for the different parties to interact and communicate clearly during those times when the Republic has been in the brink of collapse and anarchy, was adequately secured under his watch as the Vice-President for Security Affairs of the PLDT.

In his honor, Col. Mateo Luga, aside from Gen. Emilio Luga, Jr., was also cited among the Honorees during the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga


Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, [second row 3rd from the left] with wife, Ruperta Valdez and childrens Emilio Sr. and Jose, with their grandchildren at their farm in Barangay Pioneer, Barrio Bato, Sagay, Negros Occidental.


It was almost two years ago that the Alimokon Project has begun. It was on May 30, 2008 when we first published a post at our original ALIMUKON site during a meeting at the house of COL. MATEO LUGA with Father Angel B. Luga and Eng. Tony B. Luga to organize the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga in Tumauini, Isabela, in honor of the Tribal Warriors who followed Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga to join the Katipunan. Today, the combined viewers of ALIMOKON SITE including its old site ALIMUKON already reached more than tens of thousands of viewers, not to mention the materials we produced in You Tube and other sites to advocate the ideals that Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga has fought for. The LUGA CLAN in facebook also gathered over a hundred persons with Luga lineage keeping in touch with each other, worldwide.

In our desire to update our site to keep us abreast with what is going on with family members , friends and followers worldwide, we are now reformatting our Alimokon Site for better delivery of news, information and the goings on among the family members of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga , their relatives and firends. You can subscribe by simply entering your email addresses.

What is more promising in this new feature is that we shall slowly feature businesses connected with the Luga family to promote prosperity among family members, relatives and close friends to help each one of us advocate and promote our own products, services and upcoming events. We shall link businesses such as, HMH Transient House, Cottage G & Cakes by Marie, Homestay in Tumauini, Isabela (you may double click on the hylighted words to see its link) in the hope of helping our fellowmen enjoy good service at reasonable prices according to the highest ideals of integrity, honor and responsibility to our fellowmen in whatever we do. Soon, we shall also feature other products & services which the Luga Family, their close friends and followers are propagating and promoting, FOR FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now! Spread the word to your relatives and friends and enjoy reading worthwhile and revealing stories that only few have been aware of. Stories that could touch our lives as well as that of others, stories that shall instill into the hearts and minds of our younger generation that could help change the course of our history for a brighter tomorrow . . .


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Of birthdays and hellos!

(Manang Ting [right], with a friend)

The month of May, among others, is the birthday of Gen. Alan Rio Luga and Rhodora Luga Sauro. Manang Ting (Luga Surriga Barcoma), who is now, MRS. CYNTHIA ARCHIBALD, informed us that it shall be the birthday of Tita Luz Luga Surriga Barcoma on May 29, 2010, she'll be turning 85 and more birhtdays to come. She'll be celebrating her Birthday at PLANTA HOTEL in Bacolod City. Tita Luz' house in Bacolod actually served as boarding house for those from Sagay and transcient Luga relatives while in Bacolod. This Great lady shall be celebrating her 85th Birthday! To those who, in one way or the other shared wonderful moments with her at her house, you may send your gifts, in goods or in kind at 967 Marapara St. Villamonte, Bacolod City. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tita Luz' and many, many birthdays more to come!

By the way Manang Ting's son Nonette is in the U.S. Army, who shall be joining the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, while the son of Manang Bing Barcoma-Hontiveros, Kirby, who is also in the U.S. Army is now stationed in Korea.
(Manang Bing with husband)

(With Kirby, in Army Uniform and wife)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Shine, who is now in Hongkong, like many us bonded together in the net. She is from Aparri, Cagayan and wanted to know her roots from among the Luga. Some says that our roots were actually from Cagayan, others say from Ilocos, while some says its of a foreign blood. It does not matter, anyhow, for we all know that we are bonded by a common blood and ideals.

She has this to say: "Grabe para n akong adik n ngba browse lhat ng videos at pictures na my kinalaman sa 75th anniv celebration. tama ung cnv ni engr tony luga sa speech nya. "lukso ng dugo" nga although hndi q alam kung saan ang root nmin."

She has this wonderful video of herself:

Saturday, May 8, 2010


We are not just warriors, but we are leaders and catalyst of change. Our FOREFATHER fought for the freedom of this nation even before the coming of the Spaniards. While, he was not given due recognition because of his ideals in serving the higher interest, his succeeding generation , among others, fought during the World War II to regain the independence of our nation. Our generation served for the higher interest of this nation, from Mindanao Conflict, the 1989 Coup d' etat and has been witness to historic event in the modern time to forestall anarchy and maintain order for the higher interest of the greater majority.

As we shall experience another epoch in the changing of guards of our nation, we shall ,with all candor, by the spirit of those before us, maintain the tradition we have long followed for generations - the HIGHER INTEREST of the greater majority, the higher interest of our family . . . the higher interest of our people. Let freedom then rule upon our family, relative and friends, for we can never be cowed nor dictated upon by politics when higher interest dictates , regardless of whether we be recognized or not. We are warriors and catalyst of change and we shall stand united to this end, should the moment arise.



Monday, April 26, 2010


We received a very disturbng news from AMY MELCHOR, a Filipina in Israel actively advocating to help Israeli Children endangered of being deported:

ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED (1,200) children from Israel faces deportation, some half Filipinos/Asians. These children already adopted Israeli culture and tradition. The Isreali government's policy to deport these children, who are, in fact children of Israeli citizens shall separate these children with their parents! INHUMAN! Israel, where CHRISTIANITY was known to have originated now becomes UNCHRISTIAN!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rare Pictures . . . by Jonel

Jonel (Luga) Monforte Padernal, took the historic shots of the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, a once in a lifetime affair of the Luga Clan. After 75 years, the wish of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga to return home in Isabela with his children, to see the place he dearly loved, a place he once called home came true. The descendants of his siblings, Vicente, Domingo and Julia, with cousins Manolo and Gregorio gathered altogether to embrace the event, to rekindle the spirit of the Tribal Warriors from Cagayan Valley, who left home to join the Katipunan, but never made it back to Tumauini.


The event was captured in high resolution pictures by Jonel Monforte Padernal. The group picture taken in St. Mathias Church, were framed in an 11X14 double sided matting borders embedded on imported frame with the rest of the pictures of about 350 selected shots stored in DVD costs only P 1,500.00 including the soft copy of the pictures in DVD is. The cost covers only the materials, electricity and miscellenous expenses for its reproduction. You can contact Jonel Monforte Padernal at mobile: 0929-4425162 or via email @, many have already placed their order to get hold of this lmited offer of the historic images. (A shot taken by Jonel, who was only made aware during the reunion that the model, Cathy Luga, who also lives in Tuguegarao, was actually her relative).

An 11X14 portrait of the attendees of the the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga at St. Mathias Church and a DVD with 350++ of high resolution pictures in DVD.


Friday, April 23, 2010

"What's in a Name" by: Engr. Tony B. Luga

(Engr. Tony B. Luga, delivering his message during the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga)

What's in a name? It was more than 10 years ago that Engr. Tony Luga met Col. Mateo Luga for the first time in Makati and was told: Do you know Gen. Emilio from Cebu? "Hindi pa po . . ." The Col. said: "Dapat magkakilala kayo". It was about 10 years ago that these people were planning to honor the Ybanag Tribal Warriors right at the birthplace of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga. Among the siblings, it was Mateo who wields influence in the tribe. Domingo, Vicente and Julia with cousins Manalo and Gregorio, however, were also known to possess certain degree of influence. Manalo, whose descendants now spreads in Pangasinan, Ilocos Sur and Norte; and, Gregorio, whose descendants can be traced in Mindanao, were the two Luga cousins who accompanied Mateo in Cebu. Vicente, Manalo and Julia where left behind in Tumauini, while Mateo his cousins with a band of tribal warriors in Cagayan Valley left to join the Katipunan. If we read the history of Tumauini, Tumauini once became the capital of Isabela. In 1896 to 1900, however, "many of its youth joined the Katipunan and never returned".

Ladies and gentlemen, Engr. Tony B. Luga, during the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, in You Tube - In Honor of the Tribal Warriors:


The Luga Clan wishes to express our deepest condolences to Maricris Baquiran Luga, the daughter of Jose "Pepe" Luga (A Grandson of Bartolome Luga from Tumauini [son of Mateo Noriel Luga, in Tumauini. Mateo left Tumauini secretly sometime in 1896 to join the Katipunan, many thought that he already died as his whereabouts is unknown even to his relatives in Tumauini], for the passing of her Lola ANTONIA TAMANG BAQUIRAN from Tumauini, Isabela. Maricris is now working in Israel. Please say a prayer for the peaceful journey of Maricris' Lola to another life.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Tense Beginning . . . Part II

Early that afternoon while approaching the ancestral home of the late General Mateo Noriel Luga, in Barrio Ugad, Tumauini, after Fr. Angel fetched the descendants of Jose Valdez Luga (the eldest son of the General from Sagay, Negros Oriental) namely: Maria Luga Ramiro, Myrna Luga De Jesus and Mala Jean Albano Luga, the daughter of Col. Mateo Luga (the grandson of Mateo Noriel), aside from Aileen Luga Sta. Romana and family, who represents the descendants of Emilio Valdez-Luga Sr., the brother of Jose , the direct descendants of the late General in Cauayan Airport - you can see a smoke from afar as if signaling the beginning of the event. As you go nearer to the place, you can see people of all ages, happily helping each other preparing the food for the upcoming event. We learned afterwards that those people came all the way from the far flung Barrios of San Mateo in Tumauini and as far as Tuguegarao, Ilocos Sur and Norte, who volunteered to help - most of them were actually the offspring of Vicente, Domingo and Julia, the brothers and sister of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, respectively.



Under the direction of Father Angel and Engr. Tony B. Luga, it was so touching to see how these people from far flung places from different families speaking different dialects the Ybanag, Gaddangs and Itawis of the Cagayan Valley bonded together, helped each other, happily working altogether without any traces of remorse in their faces young and old alike. You cannot only see, but actually feel deep within how these people were so organized - each individual and group doing each task assigned to them to produce the required food for the event. We were also surprised to learn later that many of them brought along with them their rice, malagkit and other farm produce as their share to the event. No wonder that in the next day when the event proper begun many were teary eyed, excited while marching towards the training center chin-up, head high as proud member of the clan. (From top left: Mala Jean Luga, representing Col. Mateo Luga from Manila; Dolly Luga, representing the Lugas from Davao; Maria Luga Ramiro from Canada; Myrna Luga De Jesus, from Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. In the crowd Eugenda Surriga-Piansay with husband Ralph from Nashville; Mary Aileen Luga Sta Romana-Valera with husband Dr. Carl Valera with children Nina and Gene Rupert; and, Rene Luga-Canisares)