Friday, August 6, 2010

BOHOL EXPERIENCE & CSC's Road Map for Good Governance . . .

(The men and women of the Office for Legal Affairs, Civil Service Commission)

It was more than two years ago that we advocated for the intercession of the Divine for our country to unite towards a common goal in the POWER OF YOUR LOVE, where we prayed for a day to come for our country to unite towards a common vision for a peaceful, well balanced and environmentally sound development of our nation and its people brought about the decaying moral fiber in our society and lack of sense of patriotism. In our post, WHAT AN IRONY, we expressed how we suffered so much because of the catastrophe brought about by Typhoon Ondoy and Peping because of poor strategic planning and how we should move as one to help those who are in need in "The Sprit of Volunterism". Prior to that, we advocated on how a simple person, a driver at that, could make a difference in the lives of our fellowmen within and without the government. We also advocated for IT intervention of CS Examination to facilitate effective, efficient and speedy administration of CS Examination. In support of the Gender Advocacy movement: we advocated for Anti-Smoking Campaign where talked about how smoking affects our economic growth and as early as May 2009 has been advocating for transparency in government transaction through IT intervention. In support of the advocacy against violence on women, we advocated to be vigilant on crimes against human trafficiking. We are thankful that our advocacy are being heard by policy makers.

Lately, days after our post on human trafficiking, the newly installed US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr., brought forth to our attention the problem on human trafficking in a column of Rina Jimenez-David at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Experts, however, agrees that the key area that could solve the problem in our society is "POVERTY", which we are now advocating through "GOOD GOVERNANCE". We hope that the good US Ambassador recommends to their government to re-channel the P 11.4 billion non-humanitarian and non-trade assistance to address poverty issues thru good governance and allocates some to address issues concerning prosecution of offenses involving human trafficking and empowerment of witnesses, including corrupt prosecutors and magistrates - rather than warning us to lose the same merely because our country is at "Tier 2 Watch List" in the current edition of the US Department's "Trafficking in Person's Report" (as if interfering with our sovereignty) - with utmost due respect to the good Ambassador.

It was through the leadership of the person leading these individuals that motivates these group of men and women (of different background and experience) to move from within and without the bureaucratic system to support the government's drive for good governance and to extend whatever help they can muster, without fear or favor, from within and without the system (legally), whether they be recognized or not.

After zeroing in their backlogs . . . what else could others ask for? The measurement of an Office's performance should be compared to other offices doing similar functions outside its own bureaucratic framework within the entire bureaucracy and should not be based only or the observation and assumption by one or two offices, which does not exercises the same nature of work. It is by comparing the output and outcome of the system adopted with other offices in other agencies doing similar functions in the entire bureaucracy that we can conclude with certainty the improvement of the systems being adopted. There must be stability in the system, which improvement should not become the very reason saturate the level of capacity of its workers. Isn't it more appealing to the morale of our people? Which the hierarchy adequately addressed for others to be influenced.

Let us say, human resource development in the aspect of selection, maintenance , personnel development, benefits and privileges within an office as compared with other agencies. Isn't it more appealing?

Nevertheless, if not for the leader who stood behind these people - these individuals could have not been empowered and further developed their skills aside from their ordinary work to move as one either from within or without the bureaucratic framework with the end of in view of attaining a common goal.

Next . . . the CSC's ROADMAP.

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