Monday, March 8, 2010



Civil Service Commission's GENDER ADVOCACY NETWORKING GROUP (GANG) Director Noreen Boots Gocon-Gragasin, noticed our post on Gender equality. Are we closely knit with each other? Maybe, but there are times when we have to make a stand . . . professionally. There were times in our lives when those in the left were being hunted by those in the right, but at the end of the day it is always for best of this country and its people that prevails. Others left with the old guards, while other stays with the new ones to secure our freedom and independence. Patriots goes on for generations.

In support of our friends in the Gender Equality Advocacy, we featured among others, CECILE SORIANO and DRA. LENNY CAÑIZARES FERNANDEZ , her scientist database alone can speak for itself - not because we knew them. They may not even be aware that we are following their footsteps. The impact that these women have accomplished does not speak only of woman's rights. The impact of their accomplishments does not benefit only the women, but men as well and not only in the national scene, but international as well.

Imagine a woman, who right after typhoon Ondoy and Peping - took the forefront promoting our country internationally by organizing an international fashion show to feature the Philippine Fiber, which we have been advocating, more than two years ago. She took the cudgel in behalf of the Civil Service Commission, which under Republic Act No. 9242 was mandated to implement one of the most patriotic law ever passed by our Philippine Legislature. She did it right after typhoon ONDOY and PEPING, when everybody seemed to have been demoralized by the damaged brought about by these two super typhoons.

Dra. Lenny Cañizares' study with Dr. Antonio Dans “Economic Impact of Smoking in the Philippines” published in 1999, on the other hand, has been one of the most important objective source of scientific data to prove that the country loses more money from smoking compared to the profits made from the tobacco industry. This study has made a significant impact on lawmakers, convincing both houses of Congress to finally approve the Tobacco Regulations Act in 2003."

Just like a Russell Crowe movie - imagine fighting the cigarette giants. If you have seen "The Insider", you can imagine how Russell Crowe was threatened and pressured not to testify before the U.S. Congress about the ill effects of smoking - you can imagine how influential these cigarette manufacturing giants are, even in the U.S. Congress. How much more in this country?

There were other women we knew of, above justification, however, makes them different from others, because they made a difference - they changed our way of life - they change the course of Philippine History. It is just but fitting to honor them even in this humble way. They might not be aware that there are still many Filipinos who still believes in their patriotic ideals - who still believes in the Greatness of Filipino Women, the same with our Men.

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