Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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by: Raymund Catindig
SANTIAGO CITY - The Acting regional Director of the National Bureau of Investigation in Cagayan Valley responsible for bringing into the hands of the law the accused handler of condemned Drug mule Sally Ordinario-Villanueva was killed (DOUBLE CLICK HERE . . .)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

ISABELA DAY CELEBRATION: Catindig Rewrites Isabela's History!

Mr. Raymund F. Catindig intends to celebrate the Isabela Day on May 1 to 10, 2011 to launch a book he intends to entitle as the: “The Tribal Warriors from Cagayan Valley: The Lost Pages in Our History Book”, to commemorate the Isabela Day. Mr. Catindig shall feature in his book other unpopular historical facts and events that helped mold shaping our national history from researches he conducted, where Isabela, the Cagayan Valley and its people played an important role.

"The Tribal Warriors from Cagayan Valley:
The Lost Pages in our History Books".
(Intended Title)
By: Raymund F. Catindig.

"As a people of Cagayan Valley rich in our tradition and culture, it is just but fitting for us to reclaim our place in the lost pages of our history. It is just but fitting for us to give due honor to our forefathers as a tribe, as a people and as leaders who helped shape the history of our nation. It is just but fitting for us to give due recognition to the roles our forefathers played in molding and shaping the history of our nation, which has long been denied from them.

”The life and times of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga . . . (DOUBLE CLICK HERE!)

Friday, March 11, 2011


Raymond Catindig - News/Feature Writer

Raymond Catindig, communication graduate of the Far Eastern University, a veteran news writer who has worked with the Philippine Daily Star among the major dailies in his arsenal of experience joins the Alimokon Cyber Advocay as its main news feature writer! Due to public clamor for Alimokon Cyber Advocacy, which was first envisioned only as a site to advocate for the recognition of General Mateo Noriel Luga (an Ybanag Tribal Leader) as among the greatest hero of this Republic, to bond the Luga Clan and the families of the Ybanag Tribal Warriors from Cagayan Valley who joined him in the Philippine Revolution, to expand its coverage and bring forth developmental, truthful, transparent and objective news in Isabela, RAYMOND CATINDIG decided to join the ALIMOKON CYBER ADVOCACY!

Soon our News Section shall be reformatted for Manong Raymond to deliver us up to date News from Isabela ON LINE! Along with MILA SAMONTE OPSETH of tumauini.com, and tumauini isbela @ Facebook, a group of Tumanuinians with members mostly residing in the United States and Canada and BONIFACIO BUANUAN, the tongue lashing old man in the cyber site of tumauini group in Facebook, and ALIMOKON, CATINDIG was warmly welcomed by well known cyber advocates WORLDWIDE whose combined viewers numbers to nearly a hundred of thousands views whose roots can be traced in Isabela!

To our followers, readers and viewers. WELCOME TO ISABELA NEWS by RAYMUND CATINDIG!

(Pictures: Upper inset box Raymond Catindig [by Raymond Catindig]; Roy R. Luga Mila Samonte Opseth with husband Barry at Valencia, California; Roy R. Luga with Bonifacio Bunuan at West Covina, California.]