Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Shine, who is now in Hongkong, like many us bonded together in the net. She is from Aparri, Cagayan and wanted to know her roots from among the Luga. Some says that our roots were actually from Cagayan, others say from Ilocos, while some says its of a foreign blood. It does not matter, anyhow, for we all know that we are bonded by a common blood and ideals.

She has this to say: "Grabe para n akong adik n ngba browse lhat ng videos at pictures na my kinalaman sa 75th anniv celebration. tama ung cnv ni engr tony luga sa speech nya. "lukso ng dugo" nga although hndi q alam kung saan ang root nmin."

She has this wonderful video of herself:

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