Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of birthdays and hellos!

(Manang Ting [right], with a friend)

The month of May, among others, is the birthday of Gen. Alan Rio Luga and Rhodora Luga Sauro. Manang Ting (Luga Surriga Barcoma), who is now, MRS. CYNTHIA ARCHIBALD, informed us that it shall be the birthday of Tita Luz Luga Surriga Barcoma on May 29, 2010, she'll be turning 85 and more birhtdays to come. She'll be celebrating her Birthday at PLANTA HOTEL in Bacolod City. Tita Luz' house in Bacolod actually served as boarding house for those from Sagay and transcient Luga relatives while in Bacolod. This Great lady shall be celebrating her 85th Birthday! To those who, in one way or the other shared wonderful moments with her at her house, you may send your gifts, in goods or in kind at 967 Marapara St. Villamonte, Bacolod City. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tita Luz' and many, many birthdays more to come!

By the way Manang Ting's son Nonette is in the U.S. Army, who shall be joining the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, while the son of Manang Bing Barcoma-Hontiveros, Kirby, who is also in the U.S. Army is now stationed in Korea.
(Manang Bing with husband)

(With Kirby, in Army Uniform and wife)

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