Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homestay in Ugad, Tumauini . . .

The Tumauini celebration was a lifetime experience for those who attended the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga right at the place where he was born. We stayed in a house believed to the ancestral home of General Mateo Noriel Luga's family who, according to the old people we interviewed, was considered the ruler of the Ibanag Tribe, the fierciest tribe in the entire Cagayan Valley, along with the Gaddangs and the Itawis. We were informed that some parts of the house like its wooden door dates back to 16th century. It has four (4) fully air-conditioned big rooms with 3 toilet and bath. Fully furnished furnitures made of Narra and solid wood ceilings personally designed and handcrafted by Ybanag craftsmen of Isabela. It has a mini bar and a spacious dining room and sala. You can relax and let the night pass by sipping aromatic native coffee from Cordillera at its veranda right besides a mini garden and a colorful aquarium with ornamental fish and a mini water falls. You can feel the aura of serenity away from the busy metropolis and experience the warm treatment of the Ybanags, the people of Ugad. You can spend a night at the place after visiting the 16th Century Tumauini Church, one of the Barroque Churches declared by UNESCO as a heritage site and the San Pablo Church, among other Barroque Churches within Isabela for your Bisita Iglesia on your Holy Week Pilgrimage or whenever you wanted to spend a night just to feel the aura of letting time passes by in a historic place dating back to 16th century, which was once the ancestral home of an influential Ybanag family. For reservations and inquiries you may contact: ROY R. LUGA @ mobile 09209835308 email address; or, HARRY BALAIS mobile: 09176274945 email address:; ENGR. TONY LUGA; mobile: 09159350421.

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