Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rare Pictures . . . by Jonel

Jonel (Luga) Monforte Padernal, took the historic shots of the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, a once in a lifetime affair of the Luga Clan. After 75 years, the wish of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga to return home in Isabela with his children, to see the place he dearly loved, a place he once called home came true. The descendants of his siblings, Vicente, Domingo and Julia, with cousins Manolo and Gregorio gathered altogether to embrace the event, to rekindle the spirit of the Tribal Warriors from Cagayan Valley, who left home to join the Katipunan, but never made it back to Tumauini.


The event was captured in high resolution pictures by Jonel Monforte Padernal. The group picture taken in St. Mathias Church, were framed in an 11X14 double sided matting borders embedded on imported frame with the rest of the pictures of about 350 selected shots stored in DVD costs only P 1,500.00 including the soft copy of the pictures in DVD is. The cost covers only the materials, electricity and miscellenous expenses for its reproduction. You can contact Jonel Monforte Padernal at mobile: 0929-4425162 or via email @, many have already placed their order to get hold of this lmited offer of the historic images. (A shot taken by Jonel, who was only made aware during the reunion that the model, Cathy Luga, who also lives in Tuguegarao, was actually her relative).

An 11X14 portrait of the attendees of the the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga at St. Mathias Church and a DVD with 350++ of high resolution pictures in DVD.


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