Friday, May 20, 2011

Isabela Awaits You!

Fr. Angel Baquiran Luga’s




Raymund F. Catindig

Papa Nicko “Lakay”

Joel & Jonel Padernal

Uao Antonio Jr.

Roy R. Luga


What has started as a simple project to Commemorate the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga has turned in a worldwide advocacy. From the Isabela Awaits You Part I Project of Father Angel B. Luga, it was followed by Isabela Awaits You Project Part II.. These projects now turned into a worldwide advocacy in the cyber media, that inspired families, relatives and friends to bond together and make a difference on the lives of others. Having been touched by the humility, simplicity and devotion of a simple tribal leader who disappeared in his place of birth at a young age, who secretly joined the Katipunan to fight for our freedom - he rose from the rank to become a general, rescued his family taken hostage by foreign colonizers to weaken his resolve and fought back fighting an honorable war sending a fleet of navy of the mightiest army in the world running away from battle in the island of Cebu. He continued his nationalist ideals after the revolution to maintain peace and order, leaved his influential post finding unacceptable foreign policies of the Americans and joined in the distribution of lands to the people. Then lived honorable in peace as a farmer with his family and died a poor man on his way back to his native land . . . ISABELA. He did not make it back.

No less than the National Historical Institute acknowledges that Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga may have been the most unsung hero in Philippine history. His account were not written by his fellow Filipinos nor was he hailed in his native land It was his fiercest enemy, the American soldiers who saw much battle in the Philippines, who honored him out of respect

and admiration for fighting an honorably war despite the adversities. To date, his family cannot locate his grave.

Soon Fr. Angel B. Luga, who is now the Parish Priest of St. Mathias Church in Tumauini with his brother Engr. Tony B. Luga, now a Barangay Captain of Barangay Ugad, shall be, again, producing the 4th segment of “Isabela Awaits You . . . “ entitled: the “Jewel of the Valley”. Tumauini, where Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga was born, was once the capital of the entire Cagayan Valley, they called . . . “The Jewel of the Valley”. See its beauty, people and culture to be brought to you by the original producer and creators of Isabela Awaits You Parts I, II and III, now with Raymund F. Catindig of Isabela News @ Blogspot, the Philippine Star, a newsman, writer and fellow advocate, who now resides in Isabela.



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