Friday, May 20, 2011

BANGON TUMAINI: Isabela Awaits You!

It left ten (10) dead, thousands homeless and millions in losses. Typhoon Megi hit Tumauini on 19 October of 2010. St. Mathias Church, which have withstood centuries of calamities, havoc and war, that symbolizes the strength of the different tribes in Cagayan Valley, then and now known as the "Jewel of the Valley" was not spared. Tumauini is still coping with the ravages of what was left by the storm until today, still recuperating and healing the wounds of what was left by Megi.

In its fourth missionary project of Fr. Angel B. Luga: Isabela Awaits You: Part IV, we shall endeavor to present to you Tumauini today and how those of you from here and abroad could help our fellowmen to stand from the rubles of what was left by the havoc.

May God be with us.

(Acknowledgment: Pictures from googgle image search news items)

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