Wednesday, October 10, 2012


(Seafarers of Gyron Crew Incorporation with Moderator Lolly Acosta and Atty. Jesus Gabriel Domingo, OIC, Adjudication Office, POEA)
Millions of pesos in dollar remittances were lost! Millions due to the government as taxes, hundreds starved, some of their dependents quit school while some of their properties were already due for foreclosure because of POEA’s Order suspending the processing of documents by Gyron Crew Incorporation and Manning Agency of seafarers who were about to be deployed to Holland.  

Despite withdrawal of complaint filed by three (3) complainants hired by another manning agency receiving salary lower than what they were receiving from Gyron Crew Incorporation Manning Agency, two of whom already withdrawn the complaint while the other already left the country, the Order has not yet been lifted by the POEA, said Bosun Jeric Bilbao, representing the 300 seaferers. In fact, many of them were already due for deployment even before the Order was issued, Bilbao added. 

On the other hand, seafarers who should have already been deployed to Holland now faces a dilemma because of a recent law passed limiting employment of Filipino Seafarers to Holland, said Rodolfo Ca Chila, another seafarer. Thus, denying them and their families of the income which they were supposedly already enjoying. 

 (The seafarers being assisted by  Atty. Malanio "Batas" Mauricio to intervene before the case concerning their manning agency)

Consequently, millions in remittances were lost as a result of POEA’s Order to the detriment of our economy, while the case still remains pending. 

Hear it from them personally:

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