Friday, April 13, 2012

Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga Award

The Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga Award : SAGAY 2012.

In 2008 we started advocating for the due recognition of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, the most unsung national hero in our country and the ideals which he stood for. He was a tribal leader with his band of tribal warriors, who fought for the freedom of this nation, from Tumauini, Isabela, to Manila, Cebu and the Visayas, to fight, defend and secure our independence and freedom

He was sent to Cebu with his two cousins to lead an Army foreign to his culture and defend the island from the Americans. He rescued his family, who were taken hostage to weaken his resolved and fought back an honorable war against the most powerful army in this world and won. He maintained his idealism as a nationalist despite the respectable position he already enjoyed in the Philippine Scout and left the armed service because of his idealism and love for and independence of our country from the dictates of the foreigners, joined the civilian government to distribute lands equitably and justly in Negros Island for every Filipino to have a piece of land of their own. Applied for and acquired only what is due to him in a homestead for his own, settled peacefully with his family, lived as a farmer and died a simple man before his return to a land he formerly ruled, not seeing the light of day.

He made a difference. A tribal leader leaving behind the comfort of the territory he rules to fight honorably the world's greatest army with people different from his culture to defend our freedom and independence. HONOR! COURAGE! INTEGRITY! Traits seldom a leader possesses these days, which OUR younger generations should live by! We are FILIPINOS who possesses these traits, in the past and even in present time, we still have leaders even in present times who live by this traits and ideals set by our Forefathers and many more shall follow!

The Awardees:

Posthumous Award goes to Captain Eugenio Luga Surriga, a WW II USAFFE veteran who later joined the US Military Service, the first Luga Clan member to join the US Military Service.

Lifetime Achievement Award were given to Gen. Emilio Villanueva Somoza Luga, Jr. and Col. Mateo Ledesma Hojilla Luga, for their significant role in pacifying the 1989' Coup d' Etat.

Military Service Award was given to BGen. Alan Rio Luga for his invaluable contribution to DND's OPLAN BAYANIHAN and the peace effort of the government to reach out to NPA REbels and members of the armed groups of the Secessionist Movements in Mindanao.

Health and Wellness Award goes to Dra. Lenny Luga Canizares Fernandez, for her research work with another doctor entitled: "The Economic Impact of Smoking in the Philippines", which convinced Congress to pass the Anti-Smoking Bill.

Post Graduate Award goes to Vida Luga Sison Gabe a communication expert who graduated full scholar at Ateneo De Manila, Masteral Degree in Communication at University of California Davis, participated in different World Bank research projects on different issues in our country.

College Category goes to Fraulin Luga Sauro, She is a fifth generation Luga from the progeny of “General Mateo Noriel Luga”. She was contracted in a Silliman University Project as a cartoonist to popularized a comic version of the procurement law, entitled “Lando’s Mirror”. Published in January 2009, the 300 copies of “Lando’s Miror” in Visayan, Tagalog, English version and was consolidated in CD Animation for a better understanding of the youth of the local government procurement system to support the government’s effort in its Anti-Corruption Campaign and for the citizentry to be vigilant in safeguarding public funds. Special Award goes to Mala Jean Luga, the one who initiated the advocacy movement for the recognition of General Mateo Noriel Luga and the institutionalization the Luga Clan gatherings in Tumauini, Isabela, Manila and Sagay.

Special Award goes to Mala Jean Luga, the one who initiated the Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga Advocacy.

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