Monday, August 15, 2011

Myrle De Jesus Bowden

It's been quite a while since we have not published a post in our site. Before Myrle De Jesus Bowden went home to Australia, a hastily called reunion compliment of Col. Mateo Luga was organized in honor of Myrle at Kabisera Filipino in Rockwell at Makati. Among those present were the offspring of Jose Valdez Luga and Leanor Ledesma Hojilla, headed by Tito Mat with Tita Lita and daughter Mala. Vida, Tanya, Leslie and Brad Luga Sison Gabe, grandchildren of Ruth Luga and Carlos Sison, Sr., were also present with Marissa De Jesus, Myrle's sister-in-law. Also around were husband and wife Mike Ocampo and Emmy Luga with their children, Emmy is the daughter of Tita Exing and Tito Manuel Luga, brother of Tito Mat. The offspring of Emilio Luga Sr. and Beatriz Somoza was represented by Ate Beth, the wife of Gen. Alan Luga, with their children.

For Myrle who we have not seen for quite a while . . . for twenty years? Cheers!

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